Alex finds his calling as a personal trainer

As one of the 100 students featured in The UP 100 – Alex Williamson, graduate from the New Zealand Institute of Sport (NZIS), is showing how the transformative power of tertiary education has helped him reach his dream career.

In The UP 100, Alex opens up about his journey to finding his dream career in sport, recreation and performance – one filled with twists and turns, but countless rewards.

Alex encountered serious injury in rugby during secondary school — enough to convince him that a career in physical performance was off the table.

After working as a landscaper for over two years, Alex was made redundant, which pushed him to reignite his passion for health and fitness with NZIS.

Graduating with a Level 5 Diploma in Sport, Recreation and Performance, Alex is now a qualified personal trainer at CityFitness.

As a personal trainer, Alex helps his clients come up with a tailored nutritional and exercise regime to meet their individual sport and fitness goals.

For his teenage clients, it’s a matter of managing expectations around fast results and reinforcing the importance of consistency. For his mature clients, it’s about building confidence in their physical capability and empowering them to comfortably test their limits.

Alex shares: “There is nothing more rewarding than helping people from all walks of life become a better version of themself.”

“I’ve truly found my dream career.”