STAR & Gateway Courses

At the New Zealand Institute of Sport, we offer a range of short courses and holiday programmes that are built to give you the chance to learn something you love, get a taste of what student life is like, and having a change of scene from school. 

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Our goal is to give hope, inspiration, and motivation. Whether you know what you want to study, or not sure what to do next, we'll help you explore in a fun and interactive environment so you can have a taste of the sport, recreation and fitness industry while you learn and upskill with friends.

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Available at Sylvia Park, Wellington & Christchurch Campuses.

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Tasters and Courses

If you are passionate about health and fitness, personal training, or are interested in sport coaching, our 1 Day Sport Tasters and courses are a great way to get an introduction into the different career paths in the Sport, Fitness and Recreation industries. 

Fitness Foundations

1 Day Taster

Love exercise? Learn more about this exciting industry plus have the opportunity to workout in our very own campus gym and discover the basic skills it takes to coach a team.

$60 pp plus GST

Police & Defence Prep

1 Day Taster

Join us for an action packed day where you will have the opportunity to gain an insight about careers in the Police, Defence Force or Security.

$60 pp plus GST


2 Day Taster

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Personal Training

3 Day Course

As a Personal Trainer it’s important to get the basic’s right, the importance of stretching can easily be over looked. This course will help you understand the importance by learning the benefits, how to safely perform stretch’s through good technique, instructions and correct alignment.

Unit 21794 | Level 2 | Credits 3

$180 pp plus GST


3 Day Course

The best coaches employ a set of skills that get the best from their teams. This course will introduce you to the knowledge of individual and group characteristics and how to meet their coaching needs.

Unit 25805 | Level 3 | Credits 3

$180 pp plus GST

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Block Course

We offer a block course for students wanting to earn NCEA Credits and learn more about coaching!  

Coaching Skills

Level 3 | 8 Weeks | 6 credits

An exciting course all about coaching!

Create coaching sessions to meet the needs of your client, make ethical decisions, and develop and apply strategies for coach and athlete protection. Also learn to demonstrate and apply knowledge of rules and regulations as a coach in a selected sport.

Unit 22771 | Level 3 | Credits 6 Plan beginner-level coaching sessions for sport participants.

$450 pp plus GST

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