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You can get one year of study with us up to the value of $12,000 fees-free. You may be eligible for Fees Free if you are: a New Zealander or ordinarily resident in New Zealand; and a recent secondary school leaver; or not a recent secondary school leaver but have undertaken less than half a year of tertiary study or training. See the full eligibility criteria here 


Youth Guarantee Scheme 

Had enough of school but still want a cool career? 

Are you aged 16 to 19 and looking for a course where you can pick up some practical skills? The Youth Guarantee scheme gives you the chance to study free for up to one year.

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Fees Free Eligible Courses

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Foundations Skills (Level 2)
LevelLevel 2
Level16 weeks

Love sport? Our foundation course is the best starting point to get an introduction into the sport, recreations and fitness industries. Free* for 16-19 year olds.

Free study options
Police Preparation (Level 3)
LevelLevel 3
Level16 weeks

Looking to join the Police or NZ Defence Force? This is the perfect course for anyone inspired to join the NZ Police, NZ Defence Force or move into the security industry but need some help to prepare your mental and physical fitness so you’re ready to nail the recruitment and selection process.

Free study options!
Sport, Recreation & Exercise (Multi-sector) (Level 3)
LevelLevel 3
Level16 weeks

You’ll be able to gain a broad-based knowledge and skills needed to enter the sport, recreation and exercise industries and have fun doing it.

Advanced Police and Uniformed Services Training (Level 4)
LevelLevel 4
Level16 weeks

If you’re looking to continue further studies to help you prepare for the NZ Police or Uniformed Services, then this course is for you. Our Level 4 certificate will help you grow your confidence, broaden your employment pathways and strengthen your passion to take you to the next level.

Free study options
Part time option
Health & Fitness Personal Trainer (Level 4)
LevelLevel 4
Level16 weeks

You can study full-time and part-time to become a personal trainer. Learn all about fitness, health, and dietary knowledge while developing your own custom-made fitness programmes. Be a game-changer in the exercise industry and get your career on track.

Sport Management, Recreation and Human Performance (Level 4)
LevelLevel 4
Level18 weeks

If you’re looking to work in the exciting area of sport management and recreation this short course is a great place to start your journey and will provide the foundation to progress to further study.





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