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We’ll get you ready to meet the fitness requirements for the NZ Police, Defence Force, Emergency services and beyond. 

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This industry plays a vital role in the welfare and safety of people here in New Zealand and abroad, whether on the front-line in Police and Emergency services, or behind the scenes in the Defence Force and Private Security. This means there are so many career opportunities for you to make a real difference at a local, national or international level. 

Whether you want to become a Police Officer, Fire-Fighter or join the Army, Navy or Air Force, we’ll prepare your mental and physical fitness so you’re ready to nail the recruitment and selection process. 

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Police & Uniformed Services Courses

Free study options
Certificate in Pre-Police and Uniformed Services Training
LevelLevel 3
Level18 weeks

Do you have dreams to serve and protect our people, skies, oceans, land and everything in between? Our Certificate in Pre-Police and Uniformed Services training programme will help you get started on your journey into a wide range of uniformed services roles in New Zealand.

Advanced Police and Uniformed Services Training (Level 4)
LevelLevel 4
Level16 weeks

If you’re looking to continue further studies to help you prepare for the NZ Police or Uniformed Services, then this course is for you. Our Level 4 certificate will help you grow your confidence, broaden your employment pathways and strengthen your passion to take you to the next level.



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