Myah’s fulfilling career as a Les Mills trainer

Myah Lammas struggled to stay engaged in secondary school as it didn’t tap into her interests and learning needs. Through the practical learning options at New Zealand Institute of Sport (NZIS), she was able to gain the skills she needed to become a personal trainer at Les Mills.

"I learn through doing, so the physical performance based curriculum at NZIS was a nice change," says Myah.

"During my first few weeks at NZIS, I was convinced I wanted to carry on my tertiary studies towards a career in health and fitness."

With a Level 4 and 5 qualification in health and fitness, Myah is thriving in her role as a personal trainer at Les Mills, a gym empire with over 60,000 members across New Zealand.

A formal education in health and fitness has not only broadened Myah's career opportunities but has also helped her overcome her struggles with body image.

At 16-years-old, Myah experienced health complications after taking up an intensive weight loss regime that was not backed by science. With a deep understanding of human biology, food science and fitness regimes to fit a person's individual goals, Myah is leading a healthy lifestyle for herself and her clients.

Myah graduated with a Level 4 Certificate in Health & Fitness and Level 5 Certificate in Advanced Health and Fitness Coach Fitness.