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Gabrielle Lilleyman

Completed a Level 6 Diploma

Why did you choose NZIS?

I wasn't sure what I wanted to do when I left high school. All I knew is that I wanted to venture into health, fitness and nutrition. And luckily for me, NZIS offers a Diploma in Sports Management and Exercise Prescription, where you can experience different subjects and narrow down what interests you the most. 

What did you enjoy most?

I have definitely enjoyed the family dynamic at NZIS. It’s so friendly, I know everyone's name and they know mine. People welcome you with open arms and we're all a team – so you instantly feel comfortable. I feel NZIS has my back and are always happy to help. 

What I particularly liked is how NZIS focuses a lot of their time on the Pasifika community and this has brought me closer to my estranged Samoan roots. Whatever your culture is, or where you come from, NZIS creates a safe environment to allow you to be yourself. 

How has it helped you with your academic studies?

Here at NZIS, your tutors know you personally. They know what learning technique works for you, where you are in academic levels and genuinely want to see you succeed. 

How has it helped you with your sport?

I've learnt that my body can do more than I think. I've pushed myself to limits I didn't even know existed. I know how to nourish, strengthen and work my body properly. Knowledge and power I couldn't have learnt on my own. 

Explain what you enjoyed most about the Diploma course specifically?

Personally, I've enjoyed learning about the human body. How important nutrition is to power, fuel and function the body. It blows me away what the human body can endure and how powerful the human engine is. This course has inspired me to teach others to care for their wonderful bodies. 

Would you recommend a friend to the course?

I would recommend NZIS to a stranger on the street (which I have done before). I recommend NZIS to people who are lost in high school, love sports but have no idea where to go next and for people who love health, fitness and caring for others. Your answer: NZIS.