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Foundation programmes offer the best introduction for students who love sport, but aren’t sure where to start. Welcoming campus environments, practical programme tips, and support from tutors who really care about what they do, makes all the difference.

At NZIS, we offer specially designed Youth Guarantee programmes within our Foundation Programmes to help students from across New Zealand aged 16 to 19 discover their passion for sport and fitness. Our campuses are located in Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, Porirua and Hamilton.

Our Foundation Programmes are an excellent pathway for New Zealand youth to start developing essential skills and knowledge of the sport, fitness and recreation industry with courses run by highly experienced, relatable and hands-on educators to help graduates to find a dynamic career in a workforce they guarantee they’ll love.

For students who love sport, but find traditional teaching environments challenging, the youth Foundation Programmes could be the perfect pathway into their dream career.

Take charge of your education and discover the variety of specialised youth programmes tailored to sport, fitness and recreation studies.

Secure your spot at New Zealand’s leading Sport & Fitness Institute!

NZIS offers Foundation Learning Programmes – a Certificate in Sport & Recreation - Level 2 (our SportsZone programme) and the NZIS Certificate in Sport Studies - Level 3.

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The Certificate in Sport & Recreation is a one-year programme with a strong emphasis on the practical nature of learning for younger students who love sport but find themselves less-suited to traditional classroom learning.

The NZIS Certificate in Sport Studies is a one-year open entry programme for students looking for an exciting learning experience but who do not yet meet the academic requirements for our tertiary programmes.