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Certificate in Pre-Police and Uniformed Services Training

LevelLevel 3
Level18 weeks

Do you have dreams to serve and protect our people, skies, oceans, land and everything in between? Our Certificate in Pre-Police and Uniformed Services training programme will help you get started on your journey into a wide range of uniformed services roles in New Zealand.


Whether you’re interested in joining the Police Force, Defence Force, Department of Corrections, Private or Aviation Security, or Fire and Emergency NZ, our programme is designed to support you in boosting both your mental and physical fitness, so you are ready to nail the recruitment and selection process with confidence.

As part of this programme, our supportive campus teams will help you get fit and ready for a variety of uniformed services recruitment tests, such as the PAT for the Police, A-day recruitment tests for the Defence Force, or the PPT for Fire and Emergency NZ. Our campus staff come from a wide range of uniformed services backgrounds and are here to guide and encourage you to reach your full potential.

This 18 week programme is broken down into 4 courses, with each course covering different elements of study and employment preparation for Police and Uniformed services.

Fitness Preparation:

Get ready to tackle the challenges of uniformed services with our fitness prep course. Set goals, join fitness sessions, and track your progress. Learn teamwork and communication skills while discovering the basics of anatomy and training principles. Develop personalised fitness plans focusing on Hauora principles, stress management, and sleep hygiene.

Industry Preparation:

Sharpen your literacy and numeracy skills through practical exercises. Explore real-life scenarios to boost numerical and verbal reasoning. Research career options and align your skills and attitudes with uniformed services requirements.

Technical Skills and Knowledge:

Get the essential technical skills you need for success. Dive into water-based emergency response, legal problem-solving, conflict resolution, and interview techniques. Master practical skills to thrive in uniformed services environments.

First Aid:

Gain your first aid certificate with our programme to boost your employment opportunities*

*First Aid unit standards 6401 and 6402 are delivered through subcontracting agreements with local First Aid providers in the Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, and Christchurch regions.

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Entry is open to domestic students only, based on the following criteria: 

  • Hold a qualification at NZQCF Level 2 or equivalent.

  • Interview confirming health status and ability to participate in required exercise/swim components of the programme.

Domestic students with ESOL must be proficient in English language – This may require an LN entry evaluation to confirm language comprehension.

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- Course costs for international students are available here


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New Zealand Certificate in Study and Employment Pathways (Level 3)




Police Course Start Dates





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Career Outcomes

Graduates of this programme may have increased employment opportunities in various roles with:

  • New Zealand Police

  • New Zealand Defence Force

  • Aviation Security and Customs NZ

  • Department of Corrections

  • Fire and Emergency NZ



What's Next

Advanced Police and Uniformed Services Training (Level 4)
LevelLevel 4
Level16 weeks

If you’re looking to continue further studies to help you prepare for the NZ Police or Uniformed Services, then this course is for you. Our Level 4 certificate will help you grow your confidence, broaden your employment pathways and strengthen your passion to take you to the next level.



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