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Community Initiatives

NZIS has always felt passionate about promoting healthy lifestyles and physical exercise throughout its surrounding communities. Specially designed fitness and health programmes are an important part of NZIS community engagement.

The NZIS is actively involved in promoting health and fitness initiatives specifically developed for Pacific and Maori communities. The NZIS has engaged with community groups and primary schools in conjunction with Capital Coast District Health Board with the “Shake it, Beat it, Learn it!” programme.

NZIS staff and students have conducted fitness and aerobic sessions to involve community members, churches, leaders and elders in effective and fun exercise activities. Other NZIS health initiatives include the production of a DVD celebrating Pacific culture and identity through music and exercise. NZIS also developed the “Right Size Me” programme, in which overweight community members were supported in their efforts in living a healthier lifestyle.

NZIS Personal Training students assisted in a 12 week programme to improve fitness levels and eating habits through providing an eating plan and professional advice from a nutritionist. The greatest success was Ta Tokerau from Porirua who lost 23 kilos whilst on the programme and continues to train regularly NZIS as another way to effectively engage communities promotes through its radio segment on national radio Sport, fitness, health and well-being. This is another opportunity for Staff, students, radio hosts, NZIS ambassadors and their friends to provide useful industry information and healthy tips to communities.