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Tai Knight

Completed a Level 3 Certificate

Why did you choose NZIS for your programme?

I’m really into sport, and I was looking for a course that included sport in a way that appealed to me. Starting with Sports Zone

What did you really enjoy during your programme?

Loved the atmosphere on campus. Everyone was really friendly and we all got to know each other quickly.

Were the tutors really helpful?

The tutors were very helpful, understanding and patient. If I ever had any questions I could approach a tutor and they would take the time to listen to me, and make sure I understood their point of view.

What was campus life like?

Campus life is great. Everyone is like family, and is really nice to each other. It feels like we all have the same values, so that makes it easy to be in the same place.

What are you doing now?

I’m still studying at NZIS, but I do have a job working in the corporate boxes at Westpac Stadium. I really enjoy this because I work together with all my friends and learn at the same time.

Do you feel you are on your career path now?

I strongly feel I’m on my career path. My goal is to be a sports manager or a personal trainer.

What is one life lesson that you feel you have learnt?

You learn new things everywhere you go.