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Student Services Fee

Compulsory Student Services Fee (CSSF)

What is CSSF?

CSSF is a fee to cover and support the provision various student services. The fee funds key services for students to assist student success and overall well-being whilst studying at NZIS.

How much is it?

NZIS has consulted with students on the Student Services Levy for 2020. The CSSF will remain at $400 per Equivalent Full Time Student. Only domestic students studying at level 3 and above pay this fee, unless you are a Youth Guarantee student.

What does the CSSF Provide?

The CSSF helps to fund the costs of delivering student services such as:

• Careers advice, guidance and support
• Support with life skills and general wellbeing
• Access to counselling services on campus
• Financial support and advice
• Sports, recreational and cultural activities
• Free breakfasts

It does not include services such as academic support, learning services, disability services, or targeted support such as youth. These areas get separate funding from the government and other funding streams.

Why is this important for me?

As part of the Ministry of Education’s direction, institutions are required to report on how these fees are charged and spent. This is available in the NZIS annual report. Institutions must include students or their representatives when deciding on the following:

• maximum amount that students will pay
• types of services delivered
• procurement of these services
• method for authorising expenditure on these services.

To find out more contact your Student Representative or Campus Manager - and read the 2019 report below.

NZIS CSSF REPORT: November 2019