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Ofa Mooni Moataane

Completed a Level 2, 3 and 5 Diploma


    •    Sports Zone level 2 (sport and recreation)

    •    Sports Studies level 3,

    •    Diploma 1 Sports Management and Exercise Prescription level 5, Advanced

Why did you choose NZIS for your programme?

I was studying a sports course and was not really enjoying it. My partner was studying at NZIS and invited me to come to her class for the day to see what I thought. As soon as I walked into the classroom the tutor welcomed me, introduced me to everyone, and I felt really comfortable. During the day I met more people, and realised what a warm family-like environment NZIS was. Everyone was keen to be learning at NZIS, students were respectful to each other, and after my one day trial I was keen to return.

And now I’m in my fourth year at NZIS doing an Advanced Diploma in Sports Management. I have felt so lucky to be here doing what I love.

What did you really enjoy during your programme?

I realised that it was really important to me that the tutors had a good relationship with the students. Seeing and feeling that motivated me to do well. At NZIS the tutors are fantastic - they’re always there no matter what, and treat you the way that you want to be treated. I felt really supported and keen to do my best.

Were the tutors really helpful?

The tutors are really helpful and will always come up to you even when you don’t ask for help. When I was studying in Sports Zone I had family problems which made me think negatively about life. A tutor stopped by and just by checking in on me, changed my day, and it’s moments like these I will never forget.

What was campus life like?

Campus life was great – always welcoming and comfortable to be there. I loved the family environment.

What are you doing now?

I am currently working as a professional packer and mover at Crown relocations worldwide. My job is going to client’s houses and wrapping their furniture and packing their household goods to put in a container for overseas moves.

Do you feel you are on your career path now?

At the moment I am looking into joining New Zealand Firefighting after I leave NZIS, but I am still thinking about life after NZIS.

What is one life lesson that you feel you have learnt?

I have learnt that my education is important because it’s the only way I will ever make a good job in the future. Also being around good people will lead me into the right pathway to success later in the life