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Maarie Mareiku

Completed a Level 3 Certificate

Why did you choose NZIS for your programme?

I love my sport, and I chose NZIS because their programmes are all sports related, unlike school!

What did you really enjoy during your programme?

I was really thrilled to meet lots of new people, and then I also enjoyed the classes, as the content of the programme was really interesting.

Were the tutors really helpful?

Yes I found the tutors really great. They were very approachable and easy to talk to.

What was campus life like?

I really enjoyed being on campus because my classmates were great people, and we all got on really well. I also liked being in a stadium – I felt like I was part of something bigger and this motivated me.

What are you doing now? If working where? What is your role?

I’m still at NZIS and I’m studying Sport Studies Level 3.

Do you feel you are on your career path now?

Yes, I feel like NZIS has shown me a pathway I want to head down. I’m excited about the future.

What is one life lesson that you feel you have learnt?

I feel like I can learn new skills and then use those skills in a practical and constructive way.