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High Performance Academy

The New Zealand Institute of Sport has identified the need for athletes to enter their sporting season in peak condition. As a response, NZIS has implemented a High Performance Academy at the Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch campuses. The aim of the academy is to assist our athletes with training and off-field preparation in hopes of pushing them to the next level of performance. We have high expectations of hard work, determination and commitment from our athletes in the High Performance Academy.

Students are selected for the academy based on a physical try-out, their current level of competitiveness and an interview. Selected students have weekly team workouts and fitness tests to encourage a strong team environment. Our athletes are provided with physiotherapy, recovery modalities, nutritional evaluations and financial support for training apparel, nutritional supplements and sporting travel by the academy.

Sessions take place at our first class training facilities as well as at off-campus sites to provide adequate variety and stimulation. Academy sessions are designed to show the different forms of high-end conditioning exercises that professional athletes utilise and allow students to work these into their own trainings. We have been effective in maintaining and developing the skills of our athletes since our academy has been launched. The High Performance Academy strives to give our students every opportunity to work towards bettering themselves and reaching their full potential.