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Jane-Echa Bryce

Completed a Level 5 Diploma

Why did you choose NZIS for your programme?

I chose NZIS because I love the physical and theoretical side of sports. But also because my cousins are going there, and it sounded great to me!

What did you really enjoy during your programme?

I really enjoyed getting to know my classmates and we have created a really strong bond. I also loved playing rugby!

Were the tutors really helpful?

The tutors are very helpful and supportive during the course work, as well as working with us at the gym. It was great knowing they were accessible if you had any questions.

What was campus life like?

I found campus life very chilled. We are all like a family, in that the tutors were there for advice and support if we needed it. The tutors would answer any question carefully in order for us to understand better, and that makes life easier because you don’t feel like you’re overwhelmed with too much information.

What are you doing now?

Right now I’m still studying and playing rugby for Marist St Pats and NZIS.

Do you feel you are on your career path now?

Definitely as I have expanded my knowledge, this will set me up for more choices when applying for jobs.

What is one life lesson that you feel you have learnt?

Understanding how to be effective with time management and the benefits it can have on your day- to-day life.