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Certificate in Pre-Police Proficiency

Level 3

Looking to join the Police? We’ll make sure you’re ready with fitness, swimming and real-life tests.

Why choose this course

This is the perfect course for anyone inspired to join the New Zealand Police Force, security organisations, the military, or going on to further study. 

During this course you will:

  • Gain real insight from New Zealand Police Officers.
  • Visit the Royal New Zealand Police College, New Zealand Police, and Government facilities.
  • Train hard to meet the New Zealand Police entry requirements, including the 20% in fitness; from the 2.4km run, press-ups, and grip test to the 50m swim.
  • Complete a Royal New Zealand Police College mock-test. 

Course Content

Gain unlimited access to specialist fitness information, and train with our leading fitness courses, to reach the fitness requirements of the New Zealand Police. With literacy, numeracy and law courses, this comprehensive course will enhance your study & career opportunities.

You can earn 60 credits over the course of 6 months! On completion, you will achieve the Qualification in New Zealand Certificate in Study and Career Preparation (Pre-Police Proficiency).

You will learn invaluable skills, knowledge, and capabilities along the way:

  • New Zealand Law (including Road Law, Domestic Violence)
  • New Zealand Civil Defence Industry
  • Civil Defence-related physical training
  • Emergency response procedures
  • Basic computer data analysis skills
  • Meet Police-required fitness levels
  • Physical Self-Defence techniques
  • First Aid delivery and recovery aid – earn your First Aid Certificate
  • Swim training to meet the Police swimming requirements 

Study & Career Opportunities

  • New Zealand Royal Police Academy
  • Emergency Services
  • Military roles
  • Civil Defence roles

Wait, it doesn’t stop there! We recognise that you might change your mind during the course and decide not to join the New Zealand Police, Army or Navy. 

So, we’ll make sure you get transferable skills to lead into alternative defence or industry career and education options.

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Course Costs

  • Tuition fees: $3,195.00
  • Course related costs: $318.00
  • Student loans and allowances are available through Studylink

Qualifications Awarded

Qualification in New Zealand Certificate in Study and Career Preparation (Pre-Police Proficiency)

2019 Intakes



This course is offered in our Auckland, Hamilton, and Wellington campuses


6 months

Entry Requirements

Entry is open to domestic students only, on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • NCEA Level 2 or equivalent
  • Pass a Police Security background check
  • Be a competent swimmer (50 metres in approximately 55 secs)