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Ben Pitoitua

NZIS – YG - Sports Zone

Why did you choose NZIS for your programme?

I chose NZIS because I wanted to further myself in sport and I hope to become a professional rugby player. But I could see that to do that I needed other skills too, and that’s what NZIS is helping me with. 

What did you really enjoy during your programme?

I really enjoy the practical components of the programme. I like getting involved and doing things. Understanding the training and commitment, plus the operational side of the programme has been a new area for me. 

Were the tutors really helpful?

The tutors are great – they are very supportive of every decision you make. It’s good to know they are there and you can get good advice from them. 

What was campus life like?

I love it! I’m in a sport environment which is where I thrive, so I feel great coming to college as I know I’m surrounded by like-minded people. 

What are you doing now?

I’m still studying at NZIS, and I feel like I have some direction now which is a good feeling. 

What is one life lesson that you feel you have learnt?

To play sport you need to be well rounded, and spend time on general education alongside sport training.