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Life at NZIS

From intercampus sporting competitions to outdoor education camps, NZIS students take part in a variety of activites throughout the academic year.

Sporting Academies

Our NZIS high performing sporting academies for Rugby, Rugby League and High Performance are second to none in providing students with expert training and coaching strategy.  With a former Olympian and several National Representatives on staff, Academy students have access to top players and coaches in their respective sporting areas. The Institute also has a number of high performing Sports Teams which helps build the social cohesion of the student body. 

Sports Exchange

Each year students compete between campuses in a variety of sports including rugby, netball, volleyball, indoor cricket, soccer, golf and athletics. This exciting competition is a chance for students to show excellence in sports. The Sports Exchange is all about fun, social interaction and healthy competition.

The games are played over three days and include a large function for staff and students. There is prize-giving for MVPs on the last day and the Winning NZIS Campus is announced.

Camp Week

The orientation camp week is a highlight of the NZIS experience.  All students are taken out of their comfort zones in a challenging outdoor environment where team cohesion is developed to set the scene for the year ahead.

All New Zealand Institute of Sport students will be participate in a camp to begin the academic year, either at the NZIS Outdoor Education Facility in Waikanae on the Kapiti Coast for Wellington students, or at various outdoor recreation spots in areas surrounding Auckland and Christchurch.

At camp students are challenged on their physical fitness, cooking skills, approaches to problem-solving and ability to work as part of a team.

Orientation Week

Once the enrolment procedures are complete, we will begin a series of formal and fun activities during this orientation week, which allow you to interact with fellow students and tutors in team building exercises.

This is an important week as we will provide you with important information for the year ahead. We will also be gathering additional information in student interviews and the literacy testing, in order to assist you with your learning and progress over the academic year. This will be a great week for you where you get to know the institute and your fellow students!