Study At NZIS

Our Auckland, Manukau, Wellington and Christchurch sites each offer a range of qualifications relevant to the Sport, Fitness and recreation sector – from full tertiary courses and industry-specific qualifications, to foundation courses – opening doors for our graduates to degree options and enhancing career opportunities.

Tertiary Courses

Our tertiary courses are designed to cover a wide range of skills and knowledge required for diverse careers in the Sport, Fitness and Recreation industry.

The NZIS tertiary programme includes two years of learning. The first year of study, the NZIS Diploma in Sport Management and Exercise Prescription (NZQA Level 5), ensures that students have explored all aspects of the industry.

In the second year Diploma programme (NZQA Level 6), students have the opportunity to specialise in their area of interest, either Advanced Sport Management or Advanced Exercise Prescription. These programmes provide graduates with degree options in conjunction with The Open Polytechnic or Victoria University Melbourne.


Industry Specific Courses

NZIS offers practical training courses with direct application to specific career areas – in 6 months we can get you ready for a job in Personal Training!

Our one year Pre Police Proficiency course will ensure that you are prepared both physically and academically to take the tests required to become a police officer, security professional or member of the military services.

Foundation Courses

NZIS offers Foundation Learning Programmes – a Certificate in Sport & Recreaction (our SportsZone programme) and the NZIS Certificate in Sport Studies.

The Certificate in Sport & Recreation is a SportsZone youth training programme, which is a one year course with a strong emphasis on the practial nature of learning for younger students who love sport but find themselves less-suited to traditional classroom learning.

The NZIS Certificate in Sport Studies is an open entry course for students looking for an exciting learning experience but who do not meet the academic requirements for our tertiary programmes.

Discover Career Opportunities

NZIS graduates vie for valuable positions in the Sport, Fitness and Recreation industry in New Zealand and abroad.

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