CEO Communication

22 July 2013 10am

To all staff and students,

Wellington experienced some significant earthquakes over the weekend and some of you may have experienced property or even physical damage and stress.

It is likely aftershocks will follow so if you are feeling you need to talk to someone please contact the executive management team including Simon, Shelley, David or Taulalo. Students can contact Simon Pumfrey.

NZIS and NZCM will be closed to students on Monday to assess damage. Staff will be informed of meeting times through Deputy CEO Shelley Addison to be briefed on the situation at the stadium after the opportunity to reassess any potential damage (this is unlikely given the stadium was effectively built on a sliding structure). Our experience in Chch has reinforced the importance of staying connected. So please ensure Andreas and Shelley have all correct email and cell phone no’s and addresses.

Stay positive and look after your mates.

Fiso John Fiso, CEO

New Zealand Institute of Sport