NZIS Sports Teams

The New Zealand Institute of Sport has several sports teams where students can train and play the sports they love. Students have access to experienced coaches, industry-leading fitness trainers and first-class training facilities. Our sports teams provide students with an environment to build camaraderie and compete against others locally, nationally and internationally.

NZIS Volleyball Team

Volleyball is a popular worldwide sport whose following in New Zealand is quickly growing. The NZIS Academy team is at the pinnacle of high performance volleyball in New Zealand, having travelled internationally to Japan, winning the NZ Club National Championship in 2007 and placing in the top 4 in the NZ Club Nationals four out of the past six years.

Coached by former NZ Senior Women’s National Team Coach and Former NZ Captain Shelley Addison, the NZIS Academy team includes six players from the current National Team. The strong tie-in of NZIS academic programmes to the Academy is consistently attested by the team composition, wherein players from all over New Zealand study, work and live in Wellington to play for NZIS.

NZIS Indoor Netball Team

Indoor Netball is a sport that has quickly risen in popularity at The New Zealand Institute of Sport. Playing in mixed teams, it is an opportunity for our students to compete with the community, have fun and showcase their skills. NZIS in the first half of the year, had three teams compete in the local leagues and performed extremely well. We want to congratulate those players and thank them for their commitment throughout the season!

Basketball Team

Basketball is one of the fastest growing sports in New Zealand. The New Zealand Institute of Sport recognises and is looking to provide opportunities for young aspiring athletes to excel with regard to sport performance, but also in terms of education and personal growth. Our NZIS basketball teams have been very successful in winning National U23 titles.

Whether your goal and aspirations are to play for the Wellington Saints NBL side, Christchurch Wildcats, to play college basketball in the US, or just to improve your skills as a basketball athlete – then our academy programme will significantly assist you in achieving them.

New Zealand Institute of Sport