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All students shall have access to appropriate guidance, support and counselling to ensure that their learning needs are met. All students shall be provided with full information regarding the pathway choices they may make in meeting the requirements for qualifications registered on the framework. New Zealand Institute of Sport and its staff will at all times respect the student’s right to privacy and confidentiality.


It is a difficult job getting the right Visa but NZ Institute of Sport can help you! We will help you to understand your Visa and help you to contact your embassy if you have Visa problems.


After you organise your flight to New Zealand please tell us when you will arrive in Wellington. An NZ Institute of Sport staff member will meet you at the airport. Wellington airport is not very big so it is easy to find the staff member and they will hold a sign with your name on it. They will take you to your accommodation.


When you arrive at school we will show you around the city and help you to find everything that you need. An NZ Institute of Sport staff member will help you to open a bank account, get a bus/train ticket and to find important places in the city. We can show you supermarkets, the library, the bus/train station and cafes/restaurants.


The computer room with computer and printing facilities is available for student use. Student computers are available for assignments, producing flyers, posters and coaching material. Internet access is also available to students.


Kitchen facilities and student common room are available for students in Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland. These facilities include a refrigerator, hot water cylinder to make your own hot drinks. A vending machine selling snacks and drinks is also situated in the student common room.


New Zealand Institute of Sport has developed a range of learning materials relevant to the unit standards that are taught.
Access to independent learning facilities is also provided through an agreement between New Zealand Institute of Sport and the Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch Public Libraries, which provide NZIS students with access to:

  • A first class library collection, including a wide range of books and journals related to NZIS courses
  • A computerized catalogue and library database system
  • Computer access to the Internet and the World-Wide Web
  • NZIS has also developed ‘E-lab’ an on-line learning and reference tool for students
  • Relevant readings available from the tutors


City gymnasiums are utilized by NZIS and provide learning facilities particularly relevant for the fitness industry as well as use for students in the pursuit of improving their own personal fitness. NZIS is within walking distance of the swimming pool where aquatics sport practicals are held. The indoor gymnasiums are a short bus ride away, where many of the sport practical sessions are held.



Homestays are an excellent way to meet New Zealand people and learn about NZ culture. You live with a New Zealand family, learn about New Zealand life and practice your English at home. NZIE will pick you up at the airport and take you to your NZ family.

At your homestay you will have:

  • breakfast and dinner (Monday – Friday)
  • breakfast, lunch and dinner (Saturday – Sunday)
  • your own room
  • a desk
  • a comfortable bed
  • a wardrobe and drawers
  • a heater

Registration & Airport Pick-up Fee: NZ$250

Homestay Fees: NZ$250/week**

Under 18? You should stay at arranged homestays or discuss other options with one of our student liaison officers


You also have the option of staying at a student hostel.
Hostel arragements feature:

  • your own room
  • your own bathroom (toilet, basin and shower)
  • double bed (sheets, pillows, bedding and towels supplied),
  • a fridge, a wardrobe and a desk
  • areas to meet other people
  • a TV room with Sky TV
  • a shared laundry and kitchen

Accommodation Registration Fee NZ$200

Hostel Fees NZ$245/week**

Airport Pick-up Fee NZ$50


You can also stay at a youth or backpacker hostel. These are usually for people travelling through the city for shorter periods of time. You usually share a room with 3 other people who come from all over the world. Each hostel has a big kitchen for everyone to use and a lounge where everyone meets to spend time together.


If you are only in Wellington for a short time then it is also possible to stay in a hotel. Wellington has a lot of hotels in the city centre. The rooms are all different and so the prices are very different. It depends on the quality of the hotel and the size of the room. We can help you to find a hotel that suits you.

** Please note: Accommodation costs can change

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