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Personal Training Certificate

Programme Objectives

The NZIS Certificate in Personal Training is designed to fast track candidates into the personal training industry. The course is comprised of carefully selected Skills Active (Training Organisation) unit standards, which provide candidates with the essential tools to become a successful personal trainer. Next to our two full time programmes, we also offer a part time option. This third option will cater for those who might already have a job, for mums and dads or those already involved in weekly study.

On completion of the NZIS Certificate in Personal Training, candidates will be able to provide personal training for a wide range of clientele. As part of the course, candidates complete 40 hours work experience. The NZIS Certificate in Personal Training is REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals) accredited. From exercise programming through to the realization of client goals, the NZIS Certificate in Personal Training covers essential aspects of exercise prescription, and strength and conditioning, ensuring the NZIS Personal Trainers are Industry ready. The course concentrates on the “hard skills” of the industry relating to sport science and exercise prescription principles. It also touches on the very important “soft skills”, such as sales, basic financial management and IT skills. The combination of “hard skills”and “soft skills”is crucial to become a successful Personal Trainer.

Key Components

  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Functional Anatomy
  • Exercise Programme Design
  • Client Motivation and Exercise Adherence
  • Nutrition for Human Performance
  • Exercise Prescription for Specialist Client Crops
  • Communication Skills
  • Injury Management (includes First Aid Certificate)
  • Information Technology

Students may also have the opportunity to link to the NZIS Personal Development Modules: Sport Strapping, Sport Speed Training, Swiss Ball Training, Sport Massage, Injury Rehabilitation

Entry Criteria

  • Recommended age: 20 years and older. Candidates under 20 may still be considered upon a personal interview
  • A demonstrated commitment to the Sport, Fitness and Recreation area
  • Relevant experience in the Fitness and Recreation Industry is preferred

Fee Schedule

  • Tuition Fee: $3220 (incl GST)
  • Course Related Cost: $850 (incl GST) – Discounted rate if paid prior to or on enrolment day.

Course Dates: (PT1)

  • Auckland: February 2016
  • Wellington: February 2016
  • Christchurch: February 2016

Course Dates: (PT2)

  • Auckland: July 2016
  • Wellington: July 2016
  • Christchurch: July 2016

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