NZIS has part and full tuition fees scholarships available each academic year.

Consideration will be given to applicants who have demonstrated a strong commitment to sport. This may be shown through all or some of the following areas:

  • (a) Sport performance reflected in representative honours
  • (b) Academic achievements
  • (c) Involvement in school, club, community or sport activities such as Coaching or Sports Administration
  • (d) Desire to have a career in the police or services (NZIS Pre-Police course only)
  • (e) Hardship cases where students would benefit from financial support towards study costs.

Please use this form to submit an application to study at the New Zealand Institute of Sport in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, or Christchurch.

Your application should be accompanied by a CV that inclues two personal referees as well as the details of your sporting and or cultural achievements (if applicable).  Scholarship applications close on 30th November each year.

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New Zealand Institute of Sport